Julie Kelly – A Short Biography


Julie is an Expert Stress Consultant with her own unique private practice in Rochdale Greater Manchester.  It’s unique because unlike many other stress counsellors, Julie always keeps humour at the centre of her work. “If you can’t laugh at yourself what can you laugh at!” Exclaims Julie.  She also works from a mindfulness-based philosophy believing that all stress related illness starts in the mind,  and once you can learn to change your mind you’ve pretty much cracked it.  According to Julie ;

   The people who visit my practice have been stuck in pain, anger, depression and downright misery for far too long. It would be complete madness to approach my work with the same glum attitude            

Alongside her work as a stress consultant, Julie also provides a traditional Indian massage healing service for women.  In 2004 Julie graduated with honours in social sciences and later went on to practice as a substance misuse social worker.  She also became specialised in work with Asylum Seekers, Refugees & Torture Care.  2010 –  Julie left her social work role to travel India and there she helped out in some of the poorest villages including volunteering at a leprosy hospital. Later she settled in Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh North India. There she studied Tibetan Buddhism & Tibetan Buddhist philosophy at the home of HH. The Dalai Lama under the supervision of of Tibetan Buddhist Monk Geshe Gelek Gela Rabten.  Additionally Julie is a successful published author & certified Laughter Yoga facilitator. She also recently set up the Lets Talk Spirituality Podcast where people who do spiritual work can get their voice heard in local communities. The podcast hosts some amazing guest speakers from many walks of life all with different spiritual experiences. You can check it out at https://soundcloud.com/julie-kelly-14

 Although Julie is highly qualified in her field, all her services are provided on a donation only basis with a minimum donation of £5.  This way explains Julie, anyone can access my services irrelevant of their financial status.

If you want to contact Julie she’s always happy to receive emails at kelly_julie1@sky.com (And she does respond too) or you can click on the Facebook/Twitter Logo’s to catch her there!

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