How does it feel to be holding the key to one of the most life changing health secrets? By reading this article you’re already  getting to know and understand the many benefits of Traditional Eastern therapies as opposed to simple Western medicine.  After reading, you’ll be free to make your own informed choices about whether to go ahead and book a treatment – but one thing’s for sure…. You’re in a far better position than those who haven’t yet had access to these AMAZING HEALTH FACTS. By now you’re probably wondering what the secret is? So I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. Here are 5  amazing facts that everyone should know about their health, well-being and happy quality of life.  Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the door to those 5 secrets and here they are ;

1 –  At some time in our lives, we all experience that feeling of being off-balance. At this point we usually visit our doctor and are given prescribed medications  BUT CONSIDER THIS…All prescribed medication comes with side-effects and some can even be lethal. https://www.drugwatch.com/side-effects/ Ayurvedic Massage Treatments DO NOT! Each specially blended oil works with your own natural healing system in a controlled way (A full health assessment will be undertaken before any treatment)

2- Western Medicine often puts different conditions into different categories. For example mental health problems will probably get referred to a psychology department or a psychiatric service. Physical health will get referred to the relevant physician  and actually spiritual health doesn’t really get much of a look in.  Ayurveda however treats the body as one unity. For example in Ayurveda the body is viewed similar to a circuit board, when one small wire is broken the whole system malfunctions. Ayurvedic massage treatments regulate the whole system – improving how we function. http://www.mapi.com/ayurvedic-knowledge/massage/benefits-of-an-ayurvedic-abhyanga-massage.html#gsc.tab=0

3 – During an Ayurvedic Treatment  your body will not be subjected to any chemical based oil or potion because everything used in the ancient healthcare treatment are natural 100% pure herbal blends. This kind of Treatment goes back hundreds of years and is still India’s most common & reliable form of healthcare.  By experiencing Ayurvedic massage healing, you are entering a unique form of treatment rarely seen in the west.

4 – Unlike Western Conventional Medicine – Ayurveda DOES NOT  acknowledge stress, anxiety and depression as illnesses. This form of ancient health care acknowledge these conditions as imbalances within a body which can be very easily treated by using certain eastern techniques and also changing the direction of how we think. TRY IT! You’ll be AMAZED!

5 –  After a traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage treatment you’re guaranteed to emerge with a clearer mind, renewed energy and a more positive outlook on life. Ayurveda is also great for Weight Loss, Stress, Hormonal Issues, Skin Conditions & Addictions etc.

BE AWARE!!!! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CONDITION THAT CAN’T BE ALLEVIATED THROUGH AYURVEDA! (Ayurvedic Treatments can if you choose – be used alongside Conventional Medicines) 

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