Feeling Alarmed?? Then Switch Off!!


Feeling confused? Don’t be! Most of us don’t realize how much we live our lives on automatic timer. Seriously! Think about it… How many times do you go to sleep only to wake in the middle of the night at some ungodly hour? And how often do you notice it’s always at the same time? For months I found myself waking up at 4.55 every morning on the dot. I couldn’t understand it, I’ve always turned in early at around 10.00pm but even on the odd occasion when it’s been later, I’ve woken at the same time. To be honest with you it was driving me nuts and then someone asked me a key question “Do you remember when it first started & what did you do?” It got me thinking and actually the first time it happened I’d been struggling with hot flushes caused by menopause. When it happened I looked at the clock which said 4.55am and I went downstairs to watch Tv. This is what I’ve been doing pretty much every time it happens because it helps me relax (or so I thought) In actual fact what’s been happening is, I’ve been creating more stimulation in the brain. Now every morning at 4.55am my mind wants feeding so yes I’ve created a built in alarm clock. I’m sure most people reading this will be feeling me! Most of us have done it without even giving it a second thought but how can we break the cycle? Well first it’s important to recognize what stimulates and what relaxes the mind.  Many people prefer to listen to relaxing soothing music until they drift off to sleep again, other methods that I’ve found particularly beneficial as a Professional Stress Consultant are small intervals of relaxation during the daily routine, or where this is not possible – massage.   If you take a regular massage, it not only regulates your blood flow, stress levels and other physical and emotional aspects, it’s also improves the way we communicate with the world.  In other words, having regular massage actually has a knock on effect within our communities. For example, when our mind is relaxed and we are more balanced then this reflects on the people whom we meet & work with.  https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-disorders-problems/depression-and-sleep Or for information on Traditional Indian Massage please see https://juliekelly2015.wordpress.com/eradicating-stress-with-ayurveda/ please like & follow this blog

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