Taking the Health Gamble?? Are You Winning?


On first opening my practice in Rochdale, I never expected so many women would visit with similar problems relating to sleep (or lack of it) You see in India where I completed my training, sleep problems don’t seem to affect people the way they do here in the UK – then again people manage their stress differently. When I ask my patients “how do you manage your stressful situations at work & home?” I’m often met with confusion and a response that goes something like….”The same as everyone else, I just get on with things” Actually that’s not such a bad answer, if stress has an outlet whilst we’re  ‘getting on with it’ but the problem… it often doesn’t. Often stress builds up & gets pushed down as far as possible to make room for more. After a while, we’re lying in bed staring at the ceiling with a kalidascope of thoughts & worries whirling around our minds. Are you catching on yet? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there but honestly, how can anyone expect to sleep through that? There’s really nothing worse than lack of sleep. It leaves us exhausted the next day, impinges on our ability to focus & concentrate (a major problem if you have a demanding job) and often leaves us wanting to just curl up in a corner and cry. Well don’t panic there’s an alternative to the anguish you’re going through and it’s an Eastern alternative in the form of massage. The traditional Indian Sleep Massage works with the body on so many different levels but additionally, it helps relax and uncoil that Spring which tightens over and over until we feel helpless and overwhelmed. If this sounds like you, give it a try – what’ve you got to lose? If it doesn’t – please pass it on to someone who may benefit, like, share & follow.

conact me at kelly_julie1@sky.com for free no obligation advice or to book an appointment

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