Ladies! Are You Missing Out on The KANSA WAND as part of your INDIAN AYURVEDIC MASSAGE experience?


Kansa wand tools are made from a blend of metals, principally copper and tin. This combination is called bronze in the West and kansa in India. Kansa was also used to create sacred statues, bells and Tibetan singing bowls, all known for having the unique power to heal and restore balance in the skin and body.
Kansa tools or wands, originate from the Indus Valley, a place many consider to be the cradle for all Ayurvedic healing techniques. A kansa wand manufacturer in Northern India explained that while kansa vataki was known throughout India, there was also a tradition of using these massage tools from head to toe.
When first applied to the skin – the golden metal feels cool, but quickly adjusts to body temperature. The wand warms up quickly, and feels like an energized healing hand on the skin. Bronze is an excellent conductor of electricity, as well as subtle body currents such as acupuncture meridians and the chakra grid. However, unlike other tools, kansa does not hold vibrations, so no energy clearing method is needed between treatments.
The kansa wand massage is about applying strokes to Ayurvedic pressure points called marmas. Treatments start with the client face down, supported with a cradle. The wand is then used to massage the scalp, tops of the shoulders, sides of the neck and all the way down the middle of the back in small clockwise circles. Depending on the type of massage you’re looking for however, the Kansa wand can be applied to the feet also. One thing’s for certain, this is a treatment you just can’t overlook.
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