An End to Migraine with Ayurveda


Migraine! There’s really nothing worse is there? It always seems to creep up on us when there’s something important we need to do. Does this sound familiar? Ayurveda teaches us that ‘The body is a whole empire & the main palace is our brain’ The king who lives in that palace is the mind. The mind experiences many emotions like happiness, enthusiasm, depression, insecurity, impulsive behavior, sorrow, anxiety, anger, fear and phobias. It should be nurtured and protected like a precious and rare jewel. The mind is influenced by the perceptions of our brain – how it sees situations and events. When these perceptions cause us to feel stressed, the whole body can become affected.  Some indications of migraine are, severe pain, hammering, aching, throbbing, pricking in the head, along with nausea and vomiting.  Truthfully, there are heaps of painkillers you can buy off the shelf to get rid of migraine – but you’re not actually tackling the problem. You see, until you eradicate the root cause of the migraine it’ll keep coming back.  Painkillers only suppress the pain but the problem carries on in the body.  They also have side effects like depression, anorexia, high blood pressure, giddiness, ulcer, and hyperacidity. Ayurveda believes that migraines happen because of too much VATA. VATA is one of the 3 dosha that govern the bodily functions, the others are Kapha & Pitta.  Some of the reasons why VATA may be disturbed are: Increases in cold temperatures, dry and rainy season so in other words temperature change. The migraine pain increases due to exertion, stress, not eating regularly, late nights, insufficient sleep, excess in sexual activity, worry, sadness, hunger, fear and trauma.  So here we have the causes and symptoms – but how do we get shut of it for good? Well because migraines are caused through too much VATA, we have to reduce it – simple as that.  Because VATA is concerned with cold and cool aspects, we need to increase the warmth in our bodies and this is best done with oil massage. The reasons why hot oil massage is perfect in getting rid of migraine is because (1) it increases the body temperature (2) it relaxes and reduces stress & negative emotions – also triggers in migraine.

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