Ayurveda & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


​According to ayurveda, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is due to a combination of toxins and excess heat in the body. It is believed that tiredness is due to weak digestive fire, leading to toxin formation. Along with this, excess pitta (fire) gets stuck in the liver area causing further ailments. The main symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include a strong sense of exhaustion and fatigue, weakness, and general body pains. The degree of severity may differ from person to person. Here is how we would treat the condition using ayurveda. Ayurveda works with the body as a whole unit and not just the part that is affected, so there are many different elements to Ayurvedic treatments. If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome then the following program will be extremely helpful to you.

Drink plenty of liquid.
Avoid excess spicy and sour foods as they increase the heat in the body.
Concentrate on tastes that are naturally sweet like fruits, and bitter like cooked greens or steamed salads.
Fresh grated ginger with some lemon juice is very good to stimulate the digestive fire.
Avoid extremely cold foods and drinks as they build up toxins in the body.
Eat five almonds (that have been soaked in water overnight and peeled) everymorning to strengthen the immune system

Regular whole body massages with an oil, known as abhyanga (you can find a description of this massage in the treatments and payment section of the website) will help to restore energy back into the body.
Marma massage (ayurvedic energy point massage) is highly recommended for chronic fatigue syndrome.
Shirodhara, where oil is poured over the thrid eye, has also shown great results for people suffering from CFS.

Plenty of breathing exercises are recommended as part of your treatment for CFS as Oxygen helps to flush out lactic acid which may also be the cause of tiredness.
The best breathing exercises are alternate nostril breathing, breath of fire, left nostril breathing, and right nostril breathing.
Practising the corpse position or child position helps to rejuvenate the system.

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