Get Back That Youthful Glow With The Kansa Ayurvedic Face Massage


Kansa body wands is a wonderful stress buster which can be used by everyone. Alongside being a superb stress reliever, this ancient Ayurvedic healing tool has a whole list of powerful healing properties – the main one being eradicating wrinkles and helping you look and feel younger & more revitalised. Kansa is a sole three metal combination which can balance the subtle energies of the body. These metals have been used for centuries in Indian healthcare but only recently are we experiencing their powerful effects here in the West. So how does it work? Well the Kansa Wand detoxifies the body creating better skin, mood, health etc. It’s actually made of wood with Bronze being the main metal but of course, Bronze is an alloy (containing properties of both copper and tin). Copper is very well known for balancing thyroid glands, heart, eyes and hair. Tin is renowned for improving digestion and helping sleep. So back to the Kansa Face Wand…..
Kansa face wand is a wonderful tool which can uplift your beauty and leave you looking & feeling rejuvenated. It works by lowering the levels of stress using a bronze-capped massage therapy & unifying body, mind and spirit.
Kansa therapy also:                                                                                             Reduces face pain, tension and head pain.
Lifts facial skin and glorifies your beauty.
Refreshes face, shoulder and neck muscles.
Aids detoxification.

Although Kansa Face Therapy can be done very easily by you, in the comfort of your own home, many people prefer to come for treatments here in the healing room, where they are surrounded by peace & Spirituality. The Kansa face therapy takes about 25 – 30 minutes of your everyday life but it really can take years off you & better still it’s non surgical with no side effects! Oh maybe one – you’ll never look back. Book Now or contact by email for free no obligation advice.

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