Healing From Your Kitchen. Ayurveda & the Impact of Aroma on Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing.

This may surprise you, but right there in your own kitchen you’ll have a number of healing products without even realising it. It’s amazing how many people come to see me for Ayurvedic Massage because they love the oils I use and feel uplifted just by the mere scent of them so let’s look at a few tips on the healing kitchen and how to use it. Ok, for some the change in the seasons or weather can be a real downer. We feel depressed as the darkness starts to descend. Have you noticed though, how your mood changes when a bit of sunshine bursts through? Well you can have that sunshine all year round…. If you have a couple of lemons lying around in the fridge, slice them up and place on a saucer in the living room and see how different you feel in minutes. Lemon is an instant mood lifter acting in exactly the same way as an anti depressant. When you sniff the scent of lemon, a chemical called seratonin is released into the blood stream – it’s also known as the ‘feel good’ chemical, the same one that’s released when you have a real good laugh. If you’re a keen gardener you’ll probably have a lavender bush tucked away in some far off corner. Take a few cuttings and place in a vase or even make some lavender bags to scatter about. Lavender is great for relieving stress & tension. Limes sliced in hot water are brilliant for breaking down mucus and their aroma is uplifting. It’s seriously amazing how scent either stimulates or relaxes us. Mint  has one of the most anti oxidant capacities of any food. It’s smell can range in its levels of pungency depending on the type of mint. The article below explains more about essential oils & their healing properties in Ayurvedic treatment.


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