Do Carrots Really Improve Eyesight? & Will Celery Cure My Arthritis?


As a child we’ve all heard adults telling us “eat your carrots you’ll be able to see better “or eat the crust of your bread and your hair will go curly. As adults we can look back and smile at some of the statements but how much of the stuff we were told, is actually true?  Research has shown that certain foods have a profound health effects on the body parts that they resemble. Confused? Don’t be, Indian Ayurveda has been using this information for centuries to heal a whole range of physical, mental & spiritual health conditions. This ancient form of healthcare goes back long before the invention of conventional pharmaceutical medicine which isn’t that widely used even today in India. Just going back to the childhood instructions to eat our carrots because it will make our eyesight better, if you ever slice a carrot and really look at the design in the centre, it resembles an eye. Another really interesting fact, is that walnuts are well evidence to improve the brain and certain aspects of the brain’s thought patterns. If you actually study the formation of a walnut you can’t deny that it resembles a human brain. This all sounds really bizarre but just take a look at what I’m talking about – it gives a whole new way of thinking to the way we treat our health.
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