Workplace Stress – Don’t Be A Statistic Try The Powerful Healing Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

Work-related stress is one of the biggest health hazards in the workplace. Stress is difficult to identify, but it can be caused by excessive workloads or pressure placed on employees. Work-related stress is a reaction to pressure or harassment at work or other working conditions.

Are You Suffering Workplace Stress?  Lacking Motivation & Feeling Physically Sick at the thought of Going to Work? Are You Becoming Socially Isolated From Friends & Family & Prefer to Unwind Alone With a Few Bottles of Wine? – The chances are, you have the Classic Symptoms of Workplace Stress. Often those experiencing workplace stress, continue in the situation because of fear and insecurity. There’s no greater fear than losing our job when we have  bills to pay and the family to feed. But workplace stress will eventually take its toll & become what’s known as ‘Burnout’ – let’s face it we are only human.  At some point, we must assess whether those couple of bottles of wine each day after work, are actually serving us well, or simply plastering over a wound that needs to heal. Seriously!  If you had a secret ‘fly on the wall’ power for the next 24 hours, you’d be completely amazed at the number of work colleagues developing an alcohol problems without even realising it –  all because they are unable to manage stress levels in the workplace. Obviously, to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, the best option to overcome this problem would be to leave the job however, you and I both know it’s never so clear cut.  Because of this, we have to find our own effective ways of managing the conditions. From an Ayurvedic perspective,  this is impossible to do unless we learn to bring our mind into some kind of perspective, so we can see the world, our situation, and what makes us tick as humans with more clarity. This Ancient Indian Healthcare System Not Only Helps You Unwind & Heal, Ayurveda Works With the Body as a Whole Unit, Nurturing & Improving our Physical, Mental & Spiritual health.   The process of massaging the body, helps to bring about balance, relaxation and also a sense of reconnection & grounding. Book an Appointment Now & Feel the Difference.



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