Julie Kelly – Short Biography


‘HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER & AN EXPERT IN HER FIELD of HEALING’ Words that perfectly describe Julie Kelly. Since qualifying as a Professional Stress Consultant, Julie now runs her own practice in Rochdale UK helping women across the country with a whole range of health conditions. But Julie’s work isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, in fact it’s incredibly unique. Julie initially trained in India as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and on returning to the UK from India in 2012, she gained her advanced diploma & later her degree in Professional Stress Consultancy. This was when she decided to combine both the Eastern & Western health concepts in her work. For the past 2 years Julie has also facilitated Mindfulness sessions at The Recovery Republic Wellbeing Centre in Heywood, under the supervision of Dr. Michael Taylor – York House Medical Center.

 In the West explains Julie, people seem to manage stress very differently than most Eastern countries like for example, India”. Here in the West, conventional medication is often viewed as the only feasible option, and before long we’re on another pill to counteract the side effect of the last one.  My aim in bringing East & West together through my work as a healer, is to help people share a fresh perspective on health & wellbeing – after all, it’s your body so surely you want the best from it?”

According to Julie, her direction wasn’t always spiritual, but leaving the constraints of Western life to travel India completely changed her outlook on the world & how she lives today.

2004BA (Hons) Social Sciences and up until 2010 worked in Manchester with people overcoming drug & alcohol problems.  After six years as a social worker, Julie decided that she wanted a new perspective on life and embarked on an open ended journey to India. 2008 – Masters in Social Sciences                                                        2010 Certificate in Ayurvedic Studies & Practical Therapies                                               2012 – Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy  Additional attributes to Julie’s work include: Providing Stress Management to Children & young adults affected by the impact of war – at a local academy school.  Julie is also a successful published spiritual author & Radio Broadcaster, her show ‘The Higher Realm’ broadcasts live every Thursday between 2-4pm. She has published articles on elephant journal.com and also a range of books on Amazon. Julie can be contacted at  kelly_julie1@sky.com

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