Laugh yourself healthy!!! With Julie Kelly


OMG! How we all need a good laugh especially in today’s busy & stressful climate where people hardly stop to breathe. Have you noticed how adults seem to have forgotten how to laugh?? Well it’s definitely not going to happen to me & I hope it won’t happen to you either! Did you know that when we laugh, a chemical called Seratonin is released into our bloodstream? It’s also known as the body’s natural feel good chemical and it works exactly like an anti depressant. Laughter is also an analgesic (Natural Painkiller) so if you have any niggling aches and pains, a good laugh will cure it. Seriously!! I’m not joking, all that time spent in the doctor’s waiting room with depression and aching bones could probably have been cut down with a few real good belly laughs. Laughter Yoga was initially founded by Dr. Madan Kataria. Dr. Kataria is actually a medical doctor from Mumbai, India popularly known as the ‘Guru of Giggling’ (London Times. Laughter Yoga Clubs & movement started in 1995 because whilst researching the benefits of laughter, he was amazed by the number of studies showing its profound physiological and physiological benefits. On realising this – he decided to find a way to deliver these benefits to his patients and people in the wider community. The result is Laughter Yoga, a unique exercise routine that combines group laughter exercises with yoga breathing which allows anyone to laugh without using jokes, humor or comedies. Initially he started with just with just five people in a public park in Mumbai in 1995, it has grown into a worldwide movement of more than 6000 Laughter Yoga clubs in over 60 countries.

Health Conditions to be Aware of

Nobody knows your body better than you! If you feel like stepping out please do so and step back in at any time but just be cautious if you have conditions such as…..pregnancy, Low Blood Pressure (Laughter actually lowers your blood pressure) Asthma, Heart Problems (Laughter actually regulates heart rate) Bleeding Hemmoroids 😣

Please click on links below to check out some laughter yoga

you can also check out my laughing alone video…… It’s even guaranteed to bring a chuckle to the most miserable.

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