Lee Roston – Sheffield

After spending several months in Afghanistan, I finally came home to my wife and kids I can’t tell you how wonderful that felt. For a good few months everything was fantastic. I got a little job working from home and things were normal. One day, from out of the blue something crazy happened. It was a smell or something that wafted through the window I think it was petrol and it triggered off memories of being in action. To be honest I thought I’d lost it completely, sweat started pouring from me, I was shaking and the image of my best friend screaming for help was there larger than life. I was terrified I don’t mind admitting. Anyway I went on the Internet to check out what might be wrong with me and that’s where I found Julie’s details.
There was hardly any time to wait before I got an appointment and she was really understanding. I would recommend her any time she is a godsend to people like me.