Ayurveda is a system of traditional Indian medicine, it’s complimentary by nature, working alongside, rather than replacing mainstream medicine.
Strongly influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism, Ayurveda focuses on balance and equilibrium of the body as a whole unit. Ayurvedic Massage treatments concentrate on the realigning of Chakras and flow of Chi within the body. Ayurvedic Massage is suitable and an extremely powerful healing system for all types of health conditions & imbalances. Choose which one is best for you…..

Warm oil massage to balance out and alleviate pain etc.
The aim of any Ayurvedic Massage is not only to cure disease, but also to maintain good health. ABHYANGAM is an excellent treatment for anyone suffering from muscle ache and stiffness, backache, stress and mental fatigue. £35 (1hr)


                                                                                                                                                 In this treatment, warm medicated oil is poured over the body whilst being massage  The warm oil is poured at a distance of a few inches from the body rather than onto the therapists hands.
PIZHICHIL is an excellent treatment for balancing the Doshas, especially Vata Dosha and is particularly useful in injuries such as fractures. It removes pain and stiffness in the joints and improves digestion. £35 (1hr)


A full body massage done with a blend of beautifully exotic fresh Indian oils such as Rose, Ylang Ylang & Lavender designed to leave you energised, balanced & calm. This massage is perfect for those suffering workplace stress, anxiety, lack of self compassion & sleep problems. £35 (1hr)



A massage often done using thick based oils (Olive) & blended medicated oils relevant to the persons condition. This is a vigorous massage aimed to increase circulation and remove toxins trapped in the body tissues. UDVARTANA is aimed at weight loss, reducing cholesterol levels, improving muscle tone, deeply exfoliating the skin and also giving mobility to the joints. £35 (1hr)



Kansa therapy is a powerful healing process created through the powerful energies of precious metals. The Kansa originates from India where the bronze metal is renowned for its therapeutic healing properties. In this treatment, the wand is applied to Marma Points all over the body to balance our energies.  This treatment is excellent for most health conditions but particularly effective in Rhumatic and Arthritic conditions. £35 (1hr)


This is a Traditional Ayurvedic Head & Scalp Massage.
Warm medicated oil is massaged into the neck, shoulders, hair & scalp
CHAMPI is an excellent treatment for alleviating Stress, Anxiety & Fear. Also it helps to get rid of dandruff, dead skin & scalp psoriasis. £30 (45mins)



Experience 60 minutes of  Pure Blissful Stillness as you relax with quilts and pillows , surrounded only by the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and spiritual chants. This  therapeutic treatment includes the Champi head massage £ 40 (1hr)

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